Photo Wall Projects Completed Using Deco Nails™

We love to see how people use our products, not only does it help us improve and innovate, but often we are just plain ‘ol inspired by what people think up.

Case in point with James Caldwell, a partner in the design and communication firm Thirst, who got in touch with us a while ago to enquire about buying our Deco Nails™ in bulk. Turns out he was planning a huge photo wall project for a client, and subsequently created one for himself.

Over 200 frames were used for the project, and hung in a perfect grid on the wall. When James was considering how to best fix the frames to the wall, he came across our Deco Nails, and decided to use them because:

  • The nails don’t make a large hole in the wall.
  • They have a double ‘saucer’ type head in which they secure themselves to the wall and also make a more secure hanging point for the ‘Clips’ frame hanging mechanism.

James has put together a step by step guide to creating your own photo wall on his personal website.