Peekaboo, I love you!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we have an easy, inexpensive way to show your sweetie(s) how much you love them.

Time: 5 minutes alone

Cost: less than $10

What you’ll need: reusable wall stickers, preferably in heart shapes (find them at big box stores, craft stores or dollar stores)

What to do:

If your wall stickers are heart shaped, you’re ahead of the game and ready to go. If not, take your wall stickers and cut as many hearts as you can out of them.

Now, take your pile of hearts and start sticking them where your partner or children will find them throughout the day (don’t worry, wall stickers won’t leave a residue).

Think of the first thing they’ll do in the morning — grab a coffee or some juice? Put a sticker on the cup.

Valentine mug

What’s next? The newspaper? Hide a sticker in the sports section.

Valentine newspaper

How about a few in his briefcase or the kid’s lunchbox?

Valentine briefcase

Don’t forget near the keys!

Valentine keys

The idea is to hide stickers where they’ll be found over the course of the day. Your sweetheart(s) will find the first one and think it’s cute, but as they continue to find them they’ll get caught up in your sense of playfulness and will continually be reminded of your love.

We love this idea, what do you think? Let us know! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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