Outdoor Holiday Decorating Ideas

Decorating with large ornaments

This is an outdoor decorating project that takes less than 15 minutes to do and is guaranteed to wow your guests every time. One winter, I hung the balls on a day when there was no snow, but by the next morning the ornaments were covered with fresh white fluffy snow which looked unbelievably Xmas-y.

This crab apple tree is in my teeny tiny city backyard, and as boring as this may sound, I decorate it with the same large colorful Christmas ornaments every year. I never get tired of the look because the ornaments, which I bought in classic holiday colors (red, silver and gold) in flat and shiny finishes, reflect the daylight in different ways so they always look different. These chic oversized ornaments are perfect for an outdoor tree: they’re big enough that they can be seen very well from inside the house. As you can see, the balls have a few nicks and scratches because they’ve been used quite a bit, but once they’re hanging in the tree you can’t really see them from a distance.

Decorating with outdoor ornaments

To install the ornaments on the tree, I used a gold metallic string and cut it long enough to allow the balls to dangle. For added safety, use a twist tie to attach the string to the branches so the ornaments won’t blow away with a strong wind.

Since I have only 10 ornaments, I hang them low, which is quite impactful and makes it easier to hang them since you don’t need a step stool or ladder. The look is simple and is such an easy way to add holiday flair to your yard with minimal effort.

P.S.  I love this look so much that I keep the ornaments on the tree all winter so that we can enjoy them all season long. Since the tree is in the backyard, no one can see them but us… and our guests.

Do you have any quick holiday projects or tips that you’d like to share?

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