Our top decorating tips for Fall


1. Add décor with textures and warm tones


It's getting colder! During the fall and winter we tend to spend more time inside our homes. Adding statement décor with warm tones or textures can make your home feel cozy and inviting. 

Take inspiration from the outdoors by using similar colors and textures that are present outside during the fall. Look for yellow, orange, red and brown accent pieces in rugs, pillows, throws, and pots. Pampas grass can make a great decoration year round, but looks exceptionally good during the fall. Its fluffy texture is reminiscent of dried grass blowing in the fall winds. Experiment with different tones and textures until you find a combination that speaks to you.

two images demonstrating warm tones and texture

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Below we used a textured yellow pillow and throw to contrast the gray chair, instantly changing the feel of the space. 

Chairs with throws

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2. Hang fall artwork or décor


Switching up your artwork and décor is also an easy way to quickly transition your space throughout the seasons. We used the Hang & Level™ to find the perfect spot to hang the fall artwork shown below. If you want to read more about how Hang & Level eliminates mistake holes and simplifies the hanging process, click here.

Hanging fall artwork with Hang & Level


3. Pumpkins—of course!


Pumpkins instantly make you think of fall. They are perfect for decorating both inside and outside your home. See below how we used them as a centerpiece for the dining room table. They can also give your front door a super festive look that will bring joy to all your visitors. 

Examples of using pumpkins to decorate indoors and outdoors

                                                                                  Photo source 


Thank you for reading! Check us out on social media and tell us how you are decorating for fall. 

 -The UTR Team

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