Our Anchor Points in House & Home Magazine

H&H magazine Anchor Points

We always love it when the latest issue of House & Home magazine shows up at our office, but this week the arrival of the June issue was extra special for us. While we were flipping through the magazine the words “straighten up” caught our attention and we spotted our Anchor Points in the Style Files section. What an amazing feeling to see our Points featured in Canada’s #1 design and decorating magazine!

The glossy magazine takes its readers inside the most beautiful and uniquely designed homes across the country and always makes for a great read. We hope that readers will take notice of our Anchor Points, which the article says will “keep frames from going askew through dusting or slamming doors.” If you would like more information on how the Points work or where to purchase them, simply click here.

Although we sell our products at most DIY stores all over North America, few people know that we are a Canadian based company. All the magic happens in beautiful Calgary! Many thanks to House & Home’s Suzanne Dimma and her team for introducing our company and products to their readers. We’re beyond thrilled and extremely thankful to be featured in such a stylish magazine.

H&H June issue

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