“My canvas has two D-rings on it. Is there an easier way to hang it?”

We love getting questions from our customers and this is one we got recently: 

“My canvas has two D-rings on it. Is there an easier way to hang it?”

That's a great question! Hanging a picture with D-rings can be tricky because it requires you to install two nails that can be hard to line up. One option to make the canvas easier to hang is to use the existing D-rings on the canvas and add picture wire. Here’s why picture wire can be a good option.

A person holding canvas art up on the wall and arrows showing it can be moved up, down or sideways to adjust the location because of picture wire installed to hang it.

Adjust the hanging location

By using picture wire, you have the added advantage of being able to adjust your canvas on the wall without hammering in new nails. First off, you can tighten or loosen the wire in order to make the canvas hang a little higher or lower on the wall. If you want to be able to make slight shifts left and right, then hang the canvas on two nails instead of one.

A collage of close up images showing how to attached picture wire to d-rings already installed on canvas art.

How to install picture wire

It’s easy to add picture wire when the D-rings are already installed. Cut a piece of picture wire about 4 inches wider than the width of the canvas. Place one end of the wire through a D-ring with about 2 inches overhang, loop it back to the center of the canvas and secure it by twisting the wire around itself. Then, place the other end of the wire through the second D-ring, pull the wire taut, loop it back and twist to secure it in the same way as before. That’s it!

Two images showing how to test the picture wire height on the back of the canvas to make sure it doesn't show when you hang the canvas on the wall with it.

Tip: Test the tension of the wire before you hang it on the wall. If the wire is too loose, then it may be visible over the top of the canvas, or cause the top of the canvas to hang away from the wall. Now you are ready to hang up and enjoy your new canvas.

Two pictures: one of a person holding a canvas art showing the CanvasHangers™ installed and the other a person hanging a canvas. There is also an image of a package of CanvasHangers.

Try CanvasHangers™

We love designing products to make decorating easy and help people create spaces that bring them joy. We designed CanvasHangers to be the best way to hang canvas art. They are a great solution because they are easy to install - and it’s quick and accurate to hang a single canvas or multiple items together. Watch our CanvasHangers playlist on YouTube to see them in action. 

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