Liette Tousignant Offers Inspiration & Advice

As a female entrepreneur and mother of twins, Liette knows firsthand the challenges and rewards that come from starting and running a business while juggling the demands of motherhood.  Which is why it was a great honor when she was asked to be the guest speaker at the Annual Assembly of the Coalition des Femmes de l’Alberta on April 17 in Edmonton. The theme of the conference was “Passion & Détermination dans la vie des femmes d’aujourd’hui” or “Passion & Determination in the life of today’s women.”

“I was honored to be the guest speaker and have the opportunity to get to know the French business community better while expressing myself in my mother tongue. While I was preparing for the conference, I had the unique opportunity to reflect on my own journey as an entrepreneur and the road that has led me to where I am today. The event itself was very special and I was touched by the feedback I received from women, telling me how I had inspired and energized them to re-visit their own businesses and projects with renewed excitement.”

A common theme among the group was the challenge of motherhood and trying to “do it all”, a topic that Liette is well versed in. As well as offering advice, Liette shared some of the personal challenges and rewards she has experienced while balancing the needs of her family while running a business. It was an exciting and energizing day for all the women in attendance. To learn more about the Coalition des Femmes de l’Alberta, click here to visit their webpage.

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