LEGO frame — How Cool is This?

lego frame DIY hanging on the wall with photo of father and baby

When I showed this picture to a friend she said “Cool! My son loves LEGO!” Children have been playing with LEGO blocks for years, since 1947 to be exact, and the trend just keeps growing. In addition to being colorful and fun you can build just about anything with these bricks and you’re guaranteed that it’ll look terrific.

When I brought a box of Lego to the office — the ones my daughters had since they were little (they’re now in their 20s) — we started designing our own picture frames. Within five minutes, I made this adorable frame, which we thought would be perfect for a Father’s Day gift. Insert a photo, a message from your kids, or a drawing, and voilà, you have a gift that Dad will keep forever.

taping a message on a picture for our lego frame DIY

It’s super easy to do:

(Note: In this DIY, clear tape is your best friend)

  • Build your frame with the LEGO blocks
  • Tape your image to a backing using clear tape
  • Tape the image and backing to the back of the Lego frame (we used clear tape again!).
  • Make a small loop with ribbon, tape it to the backing (yes, more clear tape).
  • Hang the frame, showing the hardware for added décor appeal. As shown above, we used our Déco Nail and the loop wraps around the nail head perfectly and safely.

Have fun switching the image — your kids will love displaying their masterpieces. If you don’t want to use so much clear tape, simply hang the frame and let it be Lego art for your wall.

Here are other Father’s Day Lego frame ideas we came up with, which are much fancier designs made by Jon, our visual designer.

3 examples of completed Lego frame DIY projects with photos

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