Is it time for a new wall display?

Decorating with clocks is an easy way to inject style into a space without spending much money. Here’s a cool wall display I created using clocks I’ve accumulated over time. *Written by Liette, Co-Founder of UTR.

Decorating with clocks - a clocks wall display

At the cottage, I didn’t have enough space to dedicate a whole room as an office, instead I created a drop zone desk in the hallway which can be used by our guests. To get started, I placed my long skinny white table exactly where I wanted. Next, I laid the clocks on the floor across from the table to determine the perfect wall arrangement and amount of spacing between each clock. It took a few tries before finding the right look. Since the clocks were of different size, vintage and color, I found that the best look for the space was long and linear to mimic the shape of the table.

Since I had an odd number of clocks (5 of them), I lined up the middle one with the desk and hung two on either side. I displayed the vintage clock in the middle because it was the largest, and also because it was the only one with a yellow background – two great reasons to place it center stage.

clocks laid out in front of the wall to plan the display

Here’s the hanging process I went through to build my clock wall:

  • Using Hang & Level, I hung the middle clock first.
  • I hung it approximately 12 inches above the table, high enough for the display to look great when viewed from a sitting or standing position. The large spacing also allows tall accessories to be displayed on the table without getting in the way of the clocks.

Decorating with clocks

  • Next, I hung the red clock by lining up its center with the one already on the wall. I started with the left side but it doesn’t really matter which side you start with. I eyeballed this, but you could use a bit of tape to mark the centre side of each clock, then line them up.
  • When hanging the third clock, I used a piece of painter’s tape equal in size to the space between the two clocks on the wall.
  • Spacing the clocks evenly and lining up their centers gives a nice orderly look to the display.

Decorating with clocks

  • Using all the same steps, I hung the last clock on the left, then the fifth one on the right.
  • The most challenging part of this whole project was fitting the various key holes sizes onto the nails in order to hang them. Other than that, the rest was quite easy.

Decorating with clocks

For a fun contrast, I set my laptop across from an antique chair, and a vintage Royal typewriter facing a modern chair. The overall look is funky eclectic chic.

Decorating with clocks

And what about the view, not bad for a hallway work station with a private door to the beach.  I can’t guarantee how much work actually gets done but it’s all about making your guests feel comfortable while visiting, right?  

Decorating with clocks

This clock wall looks terrific whether it’s seen straight on or from the side.  Not bad for a budget friendly wall decor idea. 

Decorating with clocks

Did you notice each clock shows a different time? I actually don’t have batteries in any of them. Since the guest bedroom is only a few steps away from the work station, I thought I’d be nice and not let the tic toc of each clock keep friends and family awake at night. On the other hand, if you want to set the time for each clock, make sure to insert the batteries and set the time before you hang them up. Trust me, it’ll save you lots of time and aggravation too as it can be quite a finicky process to re-hang each clock.

If you want to buy Hang&Level, check out our online store for more information!

On this note, it’s time to go!

Do you have any clocks hanging on your walls? Do you have as many as I do?

Liette Tousignant

Co-Founder of Under The Roof Decorating

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