How to Use CenterFinder: A Measuring Tape That Does The Math For You!

CenterFinder a measuring tape that quickly finds the centre of things without any complicated math

Sure it measures like other tapes, but CenterFinder™ also simplifies the process of finding the center point of anything — a wall, a piece of furniture, a picture frame, or a length of carpet. In a nutshell, it helps you quickly determine the center of any measurement without having to do any math. How great is that?

It’s easier to understand when you see it with your own eyes!   Watch this short video (less than 60 seconds) to see how it works.

CenterFinder is a measuring tape that quickly finds the centre of things, it does the math for you

CenterFinder find the center of the frame

It’s a simple product, yet so useful when doing any type of home improvement project. The tool speeds things up and eliminates the need for a calculator.

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Liette Tousignant

Interior decorator turned inventor turned entrepreneur.