How to use AnchorPoints™

Tired of crooked picture frames? Add AnchorPoints™ to your hung frames and you’ll never have to worry about straightening them again—even with dusting, slamming doors or the kids running in the hallways.

using AnchorPoints to keep picture frames from moving

Safely and easily anchor frames to the wall

You’ve taken the time to get your picture frames in the perfect spot on the wall, and you want them to stay that way.

AnchorPoints are an easy solution. Simply hang your picture on the wall using a nail or screw, and then stick two AnchorPoints to the back of the frame, one in each of the bottom corners, with the pins facing the wall. Make sure your picture is hung, level and in the exact position you want it. Then firmly push the bottom of the frame into the wall. Check out this video to see how easy AnchorPoints are to install.

Two sizes to match frame dimensions

We’ve designed AnchorPoints in two sizes: small and large. Both sizes function in the identical way, and the choice is really based on the size of your frame. The large size AnchorPoints are a little thicker, and so ideal for larger or wider frames, while the small size is perfect for narrower or smaller frames—but will work on any size frame.

two sized of AnchoPoints

Never use to hang a frame

AnchorPoints are specifically designed to keep your frames from moving on the wall, where the frame is hung using a nail, screw or other hanger. They are not designed to be used as the primary method of hanging, and should never be used in this way.

AnchorPoints should not be used to hang a frame

Perfect for gallery walls

If you’ve ever hung a gallery wall, you know how important it is to keep all the frames from moving. AnchorPoints are the perfect way to finish your project to ensure your wall looks great all the time. Check out our blog to see how we created a 11-piece eclectic wall décor gallery without any mistake holes.

11-piece gallery wall

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