How to Remove Stubborn Price Stickers From Glass

Arrrggh… it's so frustrating when you can’t peel a price tag off a picture frame by just pulling it off. Even after trying to scratch it off with your nails, you still end up with a bit of the tag leftover, sticky residue and ruined nails. Well, we’ve found the best remover for stickers, it’s called Goof Off, which is a medium-high solvent. No, no, no, don’t judge the product by its name because it works. It really really really works, here’s how. 

Simply pour a bit of Goof Off on the sticker (enough to cover it all), gently rub it in with a cloth and let it soak in for a couple of seconds. Then start peeling and the whole price tag will come off leaving the surface sparkling clean. Just to be safe, wear clear medical gloves to protect your skin and of course your fresh manicure (ladies). Don’t worry about the smell, it’ll be gone after a few minutes.

How to use Goof Off

There are other solutions you can try if you don’t have any Goof Off on hand. Good Housekeeping recommends covering the sticker with baby oil, mineral oil, vegetable oil, or any other light oil.  You’ll find a whole list of tips and solutions on Hints-n-tips. Pick the best solution for the surface you want to clear of stickers. What we like the most about Goof Off is that it works quickly and doesn’t leave any oily residue on the surface. (This is not a sponsored post; we just love the product and we're happy to share.)

How do you get rid of stubborn stickers? Please share your solution in the comment box below so we can learn from each other.

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