How to patch holes in drywall

Many of us are intimidated by holes left behind by picture frames, including me. You may try to cover them up with other frames, but at some point you have to deal with it and fix them.  If you’ve never patched holes before, don’t worry it’s super easy –  just follow these simple steps.

Patching holes

All you need is:

  • Drywall patching compound or spackling
  • Putty knife
  • Sandpaper

You know how sometimes the drywall curls out of the hole? Well, simply push it into the hole with the back of your putty knife to make the wall surface flat. Now you’re ready to patch.

using a putty knife to indent drywall around a hole

Use a small amount of spackling on the tip of your putty knife.  Start above the hole and in one stroke fill the hole and continue past it. Stroke new putty on until the hole is completely filled. Don’t worry if it looks messy.

how to fix holes in drywall with spackling and a putty knife

Let it dry for about 45 minutes or less. Then, sand gently and you’re done, ready to paint.  Note that wet spackling is pink but dries up white.

patched hole after spackling has dried

There are lots of different brands of spackling compound available, this is the one I tend to use the most. It works well.

tub of DryDex spackling

Note: If you have doorknob size holes in your walls, you’ll need drywall patches and other tools.  I’ ll cover that in a future blog post. On the other hand, if you have tiny teeny holes to patch, see “How to fix small nail holes in drywall”. 

Hope this helps! Please send me pictures of the holes that you have proudly patched. I’ d love to see them. Go ahead and share them in the comments box below for everyone to read.

Thanks for dropping by! Talk to you soon.

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