How to Make your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa with the Right Art

You know that feeling you get when you spot the perfect canvas for that wall that’s been sitting bare for months? It’s exciting, right? Well, we love large canvases, especially given how affordable they are….it makes it easier to decorate a big wall without spending too much money. They come in all shapes and sizes and on just about any subject matter or expression so it’s easy to find one that you’ll like.

One such subject that can bring life and character into a room is a tastefully painted nude. OK, we know what you’re thinking, we said “tastefully” painted nude, right? Place one in your bathroom and watch how it instantly exudes a spa-like vibe. Light a few candles and it’s like having your own fancy little space for relaxing and rejuvenation right in your own home.

When we hung this lovely lady in the bathroom, finding the right height was the first challenge. When it comes to big canvases, (or any wall décor for that matter) there isn’t exactly a one-size-fits-all rule; it’s all about trial and error.

First, we started low. Then we went high, and then higher still. We were trying to tie it in visually with the furniture sitting below to make the pieces flow together. If we hung the canvas too high, it felt disconnected from the other elements of the space.

When you do this, you’ll want to test different spots on the wall. Ask someone to hold up the artwork at varying heights while you take a step back and assess the possibilities. And take full advantage of the Instastory opportunity of your handy helper unknowingly grabbing the nude’s butt. We’re sure it will get you some solid engagement online!

The second challenge came after we discovered the perfect spot for the art to hang. The canvas came with no hanging hardware which is very annoying. And we knew that if we only used a nail, the artwork would end up always looking crooked and would need constant straightening. Life is too busy for that.

The solution was CanvasHangers. Not only were they super easy to install but it’s guaranteed that you’ll never have to re-level the canvas, keeping your art forever straight on the wall.

CanvasHangers are small white brackets that fit in the top corners of the canvas frame to hang it securely. The best part, however, is that its metal pins anchor to drywall – meaning you don’t have to drill holes into your wall. In fact, you don’t even need any tools to hang it up with. Yes, no tools required. Brilliant! p.s. The hangers even come with a mini level to help you hang your artwork straight.

How to install CanvasHangers

●     Place one bracket in each of the top corners

●     Hammer the outer pins in

How to hang the “naked lady”

●     Place the canvas on the wall (exactly where you want it) with the mini level on top

●     Push the top corners to anchor the canvas in the wall

●     Remove the level, and you’re done!

If you prefer watching a video (only 36 seconds) on how the CanvasHangers work, check out this link

Simple, right? Why would you hang a canvas any other way ever again? They make hanging stuff around the house a breeze. 

On a design note

It took us a while to find the right chair for the space.  A white chair was too white and a grey chair looked too drabbed against the sage wall. We ended up finding the right one in the outdoor furniture department – a replica of the Acapulco-style chair. It’s airy, can see the wall color and canvas through, it’s low which fits perfectly in our vignette and most importantly it’s amazingly comfortable. Because it’s airy (because of the weave), visually it doesn’t take up very much room, and doesn’t look too bulky.

Lesson learned: think outside the box when shopping.

Choosing the right towels:

We did a poll asking if people preferred the white towels versus the striped ones and 67% chose the look on the right. There’s no wrong answer really, it shows that playing with the color of the towels is an easy way to change the look of your space or to give it a different feel. Additionally, c’mon, you need more than one set of towels, right? 

The decorative hook on the right of the lady

It’s hard to tell but it’s a vintage hook, a distressed white. It looks perfect in the space, it adds a bit of character and it’s very functional too.

Feel like shopping? If you’d like to get CanvasHangers, you can buy them straight from our online catalogue.

We’d love to know, if you’d hang a nude in your space. Would you? And Where? Talk to us in the comment box below.

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