How to Install D-rings on a Picture Frame

Don’t you hate it when you buy a picture frame and realize it has no hardware? 😩 You’re not alone. Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to install D-rings on your frame in a few easy steps!

Step 1: Know which edge is the top 

Sounds silly, right? Well, you wouldn’t believe the number of times we got this one wrong! D-rings are installed on each side of the back of the frame and closer to the top than the bottom. Make a mark on the back of the frame to indicate the top of your frame so it’s easy to remember the orientation of your image.

Step 2: Measure the length of the frame

Here’s where we do some simple math. To find where to put the D-rings, you’ll need to measure the length of the frame and divide it by three. Use this number to measure from the top and mark the spot with a pencil—that’s where the D-ring goes. Measure and mark the other side of the frame in the same way. The total length of our frame is 16.5”. Here’s the math: 16.5/3 = 5.5. And 5.5” is the distance from the top where the D-ring goes. Although we say it’s simple math, we still used a calculator. No harm in double checking!

Step 3: Install the D-rings

Center one D-ring with the width of the frame, and align the screw hole over your pencil mark. Keep the ring triangle facing up. Use a screwdriver to screw in the D-ring. If the wood is hard you can use a small drill to start the hole, but it shouldn’t be necessary for most frames. Repeat this to install the second D-ring on the other side of the frame. It’s that easy. Now you’re ready to hang your frame. 

Quick and easy way to hang frame with D-rings

Hanging a picture that uses D-rings can be tricky. We designed our Hang & Level™ picture hanging tool so it marks exactly where to put the nail without measuring or making mistake holes. It works with D-rings—and also sawtooth hangers, keyhole hangers and picture wire. Watch this short video to see how quickly we hung this picture using Hang & Level. 

If you prefer using picture wire, you can add it to the D-rings. Remember to leave a little slack in the wire so it creates a small peak when it’s hanging on the nail. Curious to see the final space we created? Check out our blog for how to steps and decorating tips.

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