Hang pictures securely without nails or tools

Do you want to hang a picture or your new wall decor, but you don’t have any tools handy. No worries. DécoHooks™ are designed for use in drywall, and are quick and easy to install with your fingers.

how to install DecoHooks

Easy installation

Push the tip of the hook through the drywall by twisting it back and forth. Once it’s through the drywall, turn the head upwards and push into the wall until the head sits flush against the wall. That’s it. You are done in seconds. Watch this video to see DécoHooks in action.

Designed for a secure hold

No one wants their artwork to fall off the wall. DécoHooks' patented head design includes a groove to securely hold any of the standard hanging hardware used on wall decor. And, they work with all standard hardware, including: picture wire, sawtooth hooks, D-rings and keyhole hangers. 

Using DecoHook with a key hole fastener

Use in drywall 

DécoHooks are designed for use in drywall where there is room for the curved hook behind the wall. They will not work in plaster or on top of a stud. Tip: If you want to find out where the studs are without using a stud finder, tap your knuckle in small increments against the drywall in a horizontal line spanning about 24” wide. The sound will echo until you tap over a stud (2”) where the sound becomes a dull thud.

image showing how Decohooks work in drywall

More secure than regular nails

DécoHooks are more secure than a regular nail. The curved shape presses against the back of the drywall and results in a secure hold.   

hanging a large clock using Hang & Level

Where do I put the DécoHook? 

Hang & Level™ marks exactly where the nail goes without any measuring or mistake holes. Use it with any of your wall decor to find the spot on the wall where it looks best and then press the button to mark the exact point where you need to install the DécoHook

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