Easy way to rehang a clock after changing the time or batteries

Daylight saving time is fast approaching. It can be a real pain to get your clock hung back up after you remove it to change the time or put in new batteries. Many clocks are fitted with keyhole hangers and if you have ever rehung one, you know it can take a few tries to align the nail with the hanger to get your clock back up on the wall. Check out this easy tip to rehang your clock on the first try!

Illustrated image of a clock with someone placing painter's tape at the bottom edge of the clock and mark on the tape where the 6 is on the clock.

Mark the location

First straighten the clock. Place a piece of Painter’s tape on the wall to mark the bottom edge of the clock. Center the tape directly under the position of the 6 on the clock and make a mark on the tape at the 6 o’clock position.

Illustrated image of removing a clock off the wall and then the back of the clock to indicate to change the time or replace the batteries.

Then you can remove the clock to change the time or batteries.

An illustration to show how to rehang the Ikea clock on one try: align the clock with the nail and mark on the tape. Move the clock upwards in a straight line and hang it on the first try.

Rehang the clock in one try

To rehang the clock, make sure the centerline of the clock is lined up with the nail and the mark on the tape. Move the clock upwards in a straight line until the bottom of the clock is about an inch above the tape. Slowly move the clock down to hang it back on the nail. Remove the tape and you’re done!

If you want to see this tip in action, check out our YouTube video.

Image of a person using Hang & Level™ the picture hanging tool that marks exactly where the nail goes, to hang a large Ikea clock.

Hanging a clock for the first time?

If you are hanging a clock for the first time, then we suggest using Hang & Level™We designed this picture hanging tool to mark exactly where the nails goes - and it works with any artwork or item that has a keyhole, wire, sawtooth or D-ring hanger. Hang & Level is really easy to use. Hang the clock on the tool. Take the tool and the clock to the wall and find the right spot. Remove the clock and mark exactly where to put the nail. With Hang & Level, you can hang your clock in the right spot the first time - no more mistake holes! If you want to learn more, read our blog post, Hanging a heavy clock, here.

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