How to create a symmetrical gallery wall without measuring


What if we told you this beautiful gallery wall was created without using a measuring tape? How is that possible? See how we hung this gallery wall above our mantel in just a few easy steps using DécoEssentials™ and Place&Push Frames™!

How to display your frames

The first step is to figure out the orientation of your gallery. 

This depends on a few factors like the number of frames you have, their shape/size, and the colors of the art inside your frames. To help you visualize the gallery better, set your frames on the floor to determine what arrangement looks best. 

If your gallery is made of different sized frames or colors, imagine a vertical line running through the middle of your display. Check that all frames on either side of this imaginary line are visually equal in weight. Balance colored items, or light and dark pieces equally across your arrangement until you find the combination that feels right.

Check out this blog post for more info. Remember, it’s all about trial and error, and what you think looks good.

Use the SpacingStrips™ included in DécoEssentials to space out the distance between each frame. Each SpacingStrip is 2” long. It’s up to you how far apart you want your frames to be.

We tested one and two SpacingStrips between each frame (2" and 4"), and ultimately decided that going with one between the frames best fits the space above our mantel. The 2 x 2" strips were too wide - using the two strips, which equals 4" between frames made the end of our imaginary rectangle of frames overwhelm the size of the mantel, so we opted for 2". We used the SpacingStrips both vertically and horizontally for a perfectly symmetrical gallery wall.

We used square frames for a clean, symmetrical look, and decided on two rows of three frames. This configuration is perfect for the space above our mantel because it keeps in line with the width of the fireplace, and this is exactly where we want to draw attention in the room.

How to hang each frame

Watch this short video or follow the steps below! Note: the frames used in this video are Place&Push Frames.

Always begin with the bottom row to determine the right height to hang your gallery.

Center the first frame in the middle of the mantel. 

Peel off a SpacingStrip, which are black and white arrowed stickers, and place it away from the mantel. This way, the frames hang 2” away from the mantel. 

Line up your frame above the SpacingStrip and use the MiniLevel to ensure the frame is straight. The MiniLevel can be placed directly on top of the frame and it won’t slide around, as you straighten it. This is because there is a non-damaging adhesive strip that keeps the level in place.

Once the frame is level, push it into the wall to hang it. This part is extremely easy with Place&Push Frames.

Bonus: SpacingStrips are easily removable and reusable. Skip the measuring tape and save them for future projects! You can also place the strips in any direction, which is so handy for hanging any type of art display. It doesn't matter - up, down, left, or right! 

Hang the second frame

Place a SpacingStrip next to the middle frame (doesn’t matter if you do left or right first).

Line up your second frame with the top of the middle frame. When the bubble in the MiniLevel is centered, just push the frame into the wall to hang. It’s that simple!

    Hang the second row

    Repeat the same steps to hang the third frame, then move onto the second row by beginning in the middle again. 

    Once your frames are all up, remove the SpacingStrips and you're done.

    Don’t let your eyes deceive you. Although this gallery wall looks exact and perfect, we promise we never busted out a measuring tape! Instead, we relied on DécoEssentials, which comes with SpacingStrips and a MiniLevel. Not only is this kit great for galleries, but it also has multi-time use due to its reusability! Think beyond just frames though. You can use DécoEssentials to hang anything on your walls, and when you just want even spacing between things.

    Did you find this helpful? What does your gallery wall look like? Send us a pic or shop our online store today.

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