How to Hang a Frame with 2 D-rings or Sawtooth Hooks

No matter what hardware you’re dealing with, hanging pictures shouldn’t be complicated. In fact, it should be a fun and easy process! It’s all about using the right tool for the job. See just how easy it is to hang a frame with two hooks.

The perfect height

One of the biggest challenges of wall decorating is finding the right height to hang. Although it’d be nice to have a one-size-fits-all rule, this part requires some trial and error. A helpful tip is to keep in mind the kind of décor you’ll be displaying below your frame. This will help you determine exactly how high to hang it. 

For us, we didn’t want our buddha head to totally block the stunning photo, but we also wanted to close the gap of white space on the wall. Our goal was to ensure the décor belonged with the frame, rather than just its accessory, to create a connected space. We ultimately chose the lower height of the two we tested.

The hanging challenge

Now here comes the tricky part. Our frame was fitted with two D-rings, which can be a pain in the butt to hang. If you’ve used them before, you know how finicky they are - they somehow always end up making the frame crooked. Luckily for us, Hang & Level™ makes the job twice as easy. 

Don’t be intimidated by the steps! We know it looks like there’s a lot, but trust us, it’s easier than it looks. Feel free to follow along on the pictures below, skip down to the written steps, or watch the short video.

  1. Start on the left or right side of the frame - it doesn’t matter. Put the D-ring on the single hook of the Hang & Level. Here’s a 30 second video on how to use the tool.  

  2. Find the right height that you decided on earlier and remove the frame from the wall while keeping the hanging tool in place. Press the button to mark the spot.

  3. Hammer in the nail on the spot you marked on the wall. We used DécoNails™, which are designed to perfectly fit in D-rings. 

  4. Hang the D-ring on the nail on that side of the frame.

  5. Now hang the other side by putting the other D-ring on Hang & Level. Use the MiniLevel™ to get the frame straight.

  6. Once level, remove the frame from Hang & Level, while keeping the tool in place. Press the button to mark the spot.

  7. Hammer in the nail.

  8. Hang your piece.

As you can see, what you do on one side, you do the same on the other. So really, it’s just four steps and one repetition. The best part is that you can do it all by yourself! We hung the bottom of the frame 5 ½” away from the table top.

Note: if you have a large piece to hang, the steps are the same except that you may need an extra pair of hands, especially if you have a heavy piece like a mirror. The steps are also the same for dealing with sawtooth hooks.


Guess what? We bought this gorgeous frame from Walmart! 🙈 

That’s right. You don’t need to spend top dollar to get a gorgeous piece like this. We also didn’t bother changing out the prints it came with. No shame in admitting it and besides, no one will be able to tell! The collage layout really tells a story and eventually, this is a great piece to swap out with vacation photos.

Pro tip: style your books with the pages facing outwards. You wouldn’t believe the difference this simple move makes. The pages give our space a neutral look, where we can focus on the pastels. Imagine if the spines were facing out. Then we’d have to coordinate even more colours, which can get complicated!

The pastels from this piece give off chill vibes, so we added greenery to complement the serenity. If you’re stuck on what to accessorize with, just get inspiration from the existing color palette of your furniture to start. Our table came with black trim, so it made sense for us to add touches of black throughout our décor. Then we pulled inspiration from the art piece itself. See how we incorporated the pastel colors - the pink and turquoise - back into our notebooks?

Tools used

We absolutely LOVE how this corner turned out. It’s so fun and perfect for summer or when you’re craving an extra pop of color in your space. Want to learn how to install D-rings on your frame? Visit our other blog post.

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Feeling inspired? What’s hanging on your walls? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for hanging around!



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