How to hang 3 pictures above a couch

Hanging 3 frames

We can fly to the moon, yet we struggle to hang pictures. It’s hard to believe, but true.  To help you avoid any future struggles when hanging things up, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to hang three pictures above a couch without any fear of ruining your walls.

Start by getting all the tools you’ll need to get the job done right. It’ll save you time and frustrations too. Here’s what you’ll need if you decide to hang your frames the way I did:

  • Hang and Level – your new best friend when hanging stuff
  • CenterFinder – a measuring tape that does the math for you
  • Déco Hammer – not too big, not too small, perfect for the job
  • Picture hanging Nails or Screws – designed specifically to hang pictures
  • Anchor Points  – These little guys will keep your frames straight forever. I have them on every single picture frame hanging on my walls.
  • Step stool – always good to have one handy
  • Painter’s tape – to map out your arrangement and space your frames evenly

If you’d rather watch than read, check out the video below. Or, scroll down to read the steps.

 First, set the frames on the couch to determine how much space to leave between them.  I was planning to center each frame with a sofa cushion but it looked too much like I was trying to fill the wall space. Instead, I aligned the middle frame with the center of the couch and left six inches between the frames. All wall arrangements are different so you’ll have to play with the spacing to find what’s best for the size of your frames and wall space you have.

Hanging 3 frames

Next, decide how high to hang your frames. I hung mine twelve inches from the top of the sofa cushions to the bottom of the frames. I tried leaving a smaller gap but the frames looked too close to the cushions. If possible, have someone hold the middle frame for you while you step back to assess the height. Or, map out the arrangement with painter’s tape and move the tape around until you’re satisfied.

 I often take pictures of different hanging heights with my ipad or phone to review before deciding on the right height. Hanging the first frame is the trickiest part, as it sets the height for the entire wall display, so don’t rush through this step.

Hanging 3 frames
Using Hang and Level, find the right location for the frame. Hammer it in, hang your frame and level it using the tool. I’d highly recommend adding Anchor Points to the bottom of your frame to keep it straight while hanging the other frames.

Hanging 3 frames
Proceed to hang the second frame.  It doesn’t matter if you hang the one on the right or left.  I placed a six inch piece of painter’s tape  between each frame to keep the spacing even.  It works like a charm. Using Hang & Level, line up the top of the second frame with the one already on the wall. Hang it repeating the same steps listed above.

Hanging 3 frames
Almost done! For the third (last) frame, place your painter’s tape starting from the middle frame.  Line up the third frame to the middle one, mark the spot, hammer the nail in and level the frame with Hang and Level.

Hanging 3 frames
Remove the tape and you’re done.
Hanging 3 frames
Accessorize the coffee table, add colorful throw cushions that match the bright colors in the prints and your room is done.  That’s how you hang three frames perfectly straight without putting any extra holes in the walls. Note that if you did make a few mistake holes, don’t worry and just patch them up. The reality is that you’ll be the only one noticing them.
Hanging 3 frames
If you have any questions regarding this picture hanging project, don’t hesitate to contact me, I’d be happy to help you.

Hanging 3 frames
So don’t be afraid to switch up your artwork – it’s one of the easiest ways you can freshen up a space. Have you been putting off hanging pictures because you’re afraid of messing up your walls?
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    I have 3 narrow pictures same size to hang about sofa that is higher in the middle. Should be height or stagger middle

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