How to hang 3 picture frames in a perfectly straight row

Hanging three picture frames in a perfectly straight row is easier than you think. This is the perfect type of wall arrangement to hang above a long piece of furniture such as a dining table, a hutch or a headboard because the art mimics the shape of the furnishings below. Here’s what I did.

Paid art

I hung the deer in the middle and framed it with the bear and moose facing each other. That’s the layout that looked the best.

As for hanging the three frames, I hung the deer first. I tested different heights – one was too close to the chairs and the one on the far right was too high and felt disconnected from the furniture below. The centre option turned out to be the best – 14 inches from the top of the chair to the bottom of the frame. Picture hanging is all about trial and error, so it really helped having someone take pictures of the three different heights for me to review and make a decision. 

Plaid art

I used our black Place&Push Frames for this DIY art project that I made using plaid gift wrapping paper to trace animal silhouettes.  The frames come with a mini level and the black and white spacing arrows which made it very easy to hang my frames straight and evenly spaced.

Plaid art

I always say to level twice and hang once. Make sure the tops are lined up than push to hang the frames. Yes, that’s how you hang these new frames with built in hangers. I hung the moose then the bear, you can hang the bear then the moose it doesn’t really matter. You can see detailed steps on how to hang each frame in a similar post I wrote about hanging three frames above a headboard. 

Plaid art Plaid art

Using my Hang&Level, I hung this beautiful birch wreath I bought at Walmart to complete the festive decorating of my dining room. I simply centered it above the deer to add additional height to my wall display and the birch is one more organic element that ties in nicely with the rustic look I was going for with pinecones and wood table. 

Plaid artPlaid art

Are you done decorating your house for the holidays?

Liette Tousignant
Co-Founder of Under The Roof Decorating

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