How to fix small holes in drywall

If you’ve been putting off hanging pictures because you’re afraid of making “mistake holes” in your walls, stop worrying. Here’s how to fix holes in drywall quickly and easily so you can go ahead and hang your artwork without fear.

There’s no need for a loaded tool belt when it comes to fixing a regular sized nail hole. All you need are a few supplies:

What You’ll Need:

  • Spackling / wall repair compound. We like products like DryDex from DAP, which changes colour as it dries, making it easy to see when applying. Available at Home Depot and other retailers.
  • Putty knife, plastic spoon or your finger
  • Clean cloth or tissue
  • Small paint brush or Q-Tip

steps for repairing small nail holes in drywall using spackling
How to fix the hole:
• Scoop a tiny amount of spackling just enough to fill the hole
• Use finger or other tool to apply
• Wipe off excess with cloth or tissue
• Let dry for a few minutes and you’re done!

patching paint on a small area with a Q-tip

If the hole is on a white wall, there’s probably no need to paint it. On the other hand, if you have a colored wall, use a Q-tip, a clean nail polish brush or other very small brush to cover only the repaired area with paint. Try not to spread the paint beyond the edges of the repair, as it will make the spot more visible.

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