Tip Tuesday: Odd Vs. Even Numbers of Frames

Thinking of hanging a gallery wall? Try hanging an odd number of picture frames or canvases. Why's that? Well, it's easier than hanging an even number and here's why. 

An odd number like three is way easier to hang than an even number. You can center the first piece on the wall and then hang the next one either to the left or right side. That's how we created this floral gallery above the mantel and the city gallery from above. The middle piece serves as your anchor, so you can always refer back to it when spacing out your pieces and hanging them in relation to the furniture below.

This floral gallery above the mantel technically has six frames, which makes it even, but we hung two rows of three to create it, and it took no time at all!

Check out how we put together our stunning XOX gallery using this tip. Got questions? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for hanging around!