Hanging a Wreath Without Damaging Your Door

Over-the-door wreath hangers have come a long way over the years. The choices used to be limited to brass and plastic and were very basic in design. Fast-forward to today, and you’ll find that hangers come in various finishes, styles, colors, and some of them even come with adjustable length to accommodate different sized wreaths or with various widths to fit any thickness of door.

Over-the-door wreath hanger

I love this type of hanger because it’s a no fuss hanging solution, won’t damage your door, can hold a lot of weight, works indoors and outdoors, and can be used on fences and gates too. Some hangers come with soft pads on the back to protect your doors from scratches, or if yours doesn’t have any you can always add some if needed.

This is a good basic metal over-the-door hanger — it’s inexpensive, available at most large retailers, fits any standard door, and will hold all types of wreaths. Image source: Etsy.com

Over-the-door metal hanger

This “First Impression Counts” hanger has adjustable height, it’s made of stainless steel and you can have it personalized for a small fee. It’s very stylish and sturdy.  Image source:  PotteryBarn.com

Over-the-door wreath hanger

Here’s a clever idea:  paint a basic over-the-door hanger to match the color of your door. It will blend in without attracting any attention and allow your wreath to be the focal point.  Image source: Etsy.com

Over-the-door wreath hanger by Etsy

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Top image source:  grandinroad.com

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