Hang Your Pictures Exactly Where You Want

Overcome your fear of picture hanging with our three-step plan

Place your furniture.

Start by placing the largest pieces first.

  • Artwork is an extension of your furniture, so place your sofa, coffee table, chairs, table lamps, etc. exactly where you want before hanging anything on your walls.
  • Don’t fuss with accessories at this point, focus on the large pieces.

Plan where to hang your pictures.

The shape of your walls will help determine where to best hang what piece.

  • A horizontal piece looks best when hanging on a large wall. For example, perfect to hang above a sofa. (See our Art and the Sofa article here). If you don’t have a large piece, create one using a series of smaller ones.
  • A tall piece of artwork fits perfectly in a tall narrow space and will create the illusion of a higher ceiling.
  • As for scale, a simple rule that never fails is to hang small items over small pieces of furniture, big items over large pieces of furniture. It’s that simple.

Hang your pictures.

Use Hang & Level™ to hang your artwork exactly where you want without having to measure once. Click here to see a quick video or follow these easy steps:

  • Place your picture on the hook
  • Position it on the wall and find the right spot
  • Press the button to mark exactly where the nail goes.
  • Hammer the nail in
  • Hang your picture and level it using Hang & Level and you’re done.
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