Hang a wreath on vinyl siding without any holes

You don't need a lot to make a statement. This beautiful berry wreath says it all: happy holidays! Wow your neighbors and guests before they even take their first steps into your home. Never mind the holes, drill or extra tools. DécoVinyl™ hangs your outdoor décor flawlessly all in one go. Get in the holiday spirit in a flash!

Watch this short video to see how it's done:

Before and after

See what a difference only one item can make? The red berry wreath pops gorgeously against our white vinyl wall and next to our white mailbox. It instantly makes our front porch more welcoming. You don't always need a sign to say hello, especially when you've got a jaw-dropper like this wreath. And that's not even the best part. It took no time at all to hang!

2 types of DécoVinyl heads

DécoVinyl comes in two head types: hook and button. So how do you decide which one to go with? It all depends on what you’re hanging and the type of hardware that’s on the back of your items.

The traditional hook head is designed for hanging items with wire or D-rings. This type of hook has more surface area for your items to latch onto. Although the button hook is rounded and has less surface area, it's perfectly designed to fit items with sawtooth hooks or keyholes. 

It's up to you which hook design you prefer, but you can trust both to safely hang your items, without worrying about flyaways or breakage. An added bonus is that that these hooks can hold their own and then some. They're designed to hold up to 15 lbs - that's about 15 cans of soup! DécoVinyl is incredibly strong and reliable.

Hanging the wreath

Although our wreath is quite big, it's light in weight. That's why we used the DécoVinyl hook head. This design ensures that our wreath stayed in place, even if the wind were to pick up.

Our wreath came with a loop hook at the back, which made it super easy to just hook onto DécoVinyl. However, not all wreaths come with hanging hardware on the back, so a neat trick to solve that problem is to make your own using a zip tie. Check out this blog post to see what we mean. 

To hang the wreath is simple:

  1. Insert and scoop DécoVinyl under the vinyl siding to hang.

  2. Loop your wreath's hook to fit around DécoVinyl.

  3. Ta-da! You're done.


    And that's it! We can’t make up just how easy it is to install. And we didn't damage our vinyl in the slightest bit either. Seems too good to be true, huh? But we promise, what you see is what you get. 

    Does it usually take you a couple tries to see exactly where you want to hang something? No problem. DécoVinyl can easily slide across your vinyl to the exact position where you want it. Since you're not drilling any holes or marking up your vinyl, there's no need to fear making mistakes or to put pressure on yourself to get it right the first time when it's so easy to shift left or right.

    How to remove DécoVinyl

    The removal process is just as quick as the installation.

    1. Remove your wreath from DécoVinyl.

    2. Lift DécoVinyl upwards to unhook from vinyl siding.

    3. Ta-da! You're done.

    Curious about how we hung the mailbox? DécoVinyl is still our go-to choice. See this blog post to get the complete steps.

    We love the notion of less is more, and in this case, we couldn't be happier with the results. Our red berry wreath brings a nice pop of color and holiday cheer to anyone on our front doorstep. That's what the Christmas spirit is all about!

    The best part? Zero holes, zero damage. DécoVinyl is a saving our walls and our style. It's so easy to use and we love having the option to swap out our décor whenever we want. Shop online for DécoVinyl today to get your holiday decorations in order.

    How are you decorating for the holidays? 

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