Hang & Level User Shows Off His Antique Collection

We love to hear from you – to get your feedback on our products, déco articles, and how-to videos. But we especially love it when you send us pictures of your own wall decorating projects, and that’s exactly what Michael did.

“I would like to share my latest wall deco with antique maps and kindly ask for your opinion,” he wrote “I used all your products to put my frames up and always get ideas from your website.”

We love your wall display Michael and we’re thrilled that our tools and how-to articles came in handy when hanging your priceless collection.

Michael is the proud owner of rare, antique maps. He decided to create a focal point in his living room so everyone could enjoy his collection. He used identical frames throughout, hung all the white matted maps on the left, the blue ones on the right, and created a perfectly  balanced arrangement over the sofa.

If you own valuable art and are thinking of framing it, be sure to contact a professional framer who can help you choose the appropriate matts and frames to protect your piece from damaging elements such as sunlight and humidity.

Thanks Michael for sharing your wall project with us!  If this project inspires you to try your own, please send us a picture, we’d love to see it!

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