Hang & Level: A Designer Pick For the Holidays

We love hearing from folks who try our products and find that they’re able to relieve the frustration that often come with home decorating. Naturally, we were thrilled when expert organizer and designer Jeffrey Phillip reviewed our picture-hanging tool as the sixth item in his online 12 Days of Neat Products for Holiday Giving series of blog posts.

As he tells it in his review, Jeffrey received Hang & Level as a gift himself one Christmas and ever since he says he’s kept “this nifty little tool is at my side whenever I need to hang any framed picture.”  It’s fantastic for us at UTR to get feedback on our products and it helps us make them even better. Creating tools that are helpful, solve a daily problem, and also to offer inspiration for decorating your home is our goal, so we love it when people tell us that our products are working exactly as they should.


Many thanks to Jeffrey for his great review.  Read it yourself here and be sure to check out the items on his 12 Days of Neat Products for Holiday Giving list.

At Under The Roof Decorating, we make picture hanging easy. Our innovative products and helpful tips make it simple to hang almost anything wherever you want – and get it right the first time!

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