Hang art at kids’ level – not at yours!

Finding the perfect height to hang any artwork can be a challenge, but when it comes to a child’s room, the rules change again. Remember, your kids’ rooms are for them, so make sure to hang pictures, bookshelves, blackboards and other items at their level, not at yours.

Kids bedroom

In these pictures, it’s easy to see that the rooms were decorated for children. Items on the walls hang at the perfect height to allow toddlers to easily reach for their books or toys and even doodle on a blackboard with ease. Although kids grow fast and you may have to raise the wall décor every two years, it’s worth it to make their space work for them.

Use painter's tape to hang drawings or posters in kids rooms. It's safe and won't damage either on.

Make sure to anchor all items very securely to prevent injury from falling things . Don’t hang any artwork with glass in a child’s room; replace it with Plexiglass, which won’t shatter – or forgo the glass altogether. Frame inexpensive images, customized to your child’s interests or better yet, hang their masterpieces to create a fun and whimsical space that can easily be changed and updated.

Study space for kids and cartKids bedroomBedroom

You’ll find lots of fun ideas to decorate kids’ spaces with kids in mind on our Pinterest board.


What’s hanging on your kids’ walls?

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