Guest Post: Confessions of a Homeowner “terrified of hanging pictures”

My first time – hanging a picture grouping

For years I have looked at my living room walls, and the run of the mill artwork that hung there and wished I could change it. What I really wanted was to hang pictures of my family, but I was terrified to even attempt a photo arrangement. How would I space the frames properly? How would I make sure they were all level? What if I did a bad job?

The idea of measuring, planning, and hanging four frames on my wall was completely overwhelming to me, so I put it off. Even with the frames purchased, it took me longer than three weeks to get up the nerve to tackle the project. But with the holidays quickly approaching, I couldn’t procrastinate any longer. I had family coming, and I wanted to be able to show off the new photo wall.

To get ready for the project, I took out my Picture Hanging Kit and prepared my supplies. I laid out the frames on the floor and tried the pictures in different variations before deciding on the formation I liked best. Finally, I couldn’t put it off any longer.

I took the HeightGuide and taped it to the wall to determine how high I should hang my arrangement. Using it as a guide, I found the perfect height for everyone to enjoy the photos. Next, I was ready to start with my first picture. Using the Hang & Level, it was easy to figure out exactly where I wanted it to go. I pushed the button and hammered in my nail. Next came the part that terrified me.  Spacing.

As it turns out, I had nothing to be worried about. I used the SpacerTape, ripped off three squares and stuck it to the wall. Using that as a guide, I could easily place the next pictures without fooling around with a measuring tape. I decided to line up the bottoms of the frames to keep them all level and after a few more nails, I was done.

The entire arrangement took less than thirty minutes to hang and it looks fantastic! With friends and family coming over for the holidays, I couldn’t be prouder to show off my family photo wall and now that I know how easy it really is to make a stunning grouping, I can’t wait to try it out in the other rooms of my house.

Elena, Calgary

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