5 Fall Looks With Cushions and Throws

*Written by Liette Tousignant, Co-Founder of UTR Decorating.

Every year when the weather turns fall-like, I give my house a mini makeover simply by switching my summer pillows to warmer ones. And every year I’m amazed by how quickly this pillow swapping ritual can change the look and feel of my space.

5 ways to achieve an easy fall house makeover with cushions and throws

When I go to the cottage in the fall, this is my all time favourite spot to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee. My summer pillows are usually light in fabric with floral patterns, while my winter ones are thicker and either plain or geometrical. With that said, the light pink velvety cushion in look #2 is a real passe-partout. It’s soft to the touch and works in pretty much any season; it was a good pillow investment.

Living room

Last week, I dug my wintery cushions and throws out of the closet and bought a couple of new ones to experiment with different fall looks. (I didn’t tell my husband about the new ones because he’d say that we have way too many pillows!)

Look #1: Although I love the 5 different looks, these days, I’m really into tone on tone so this cream throw and chunky knit pillow combination really speaks to me.  It makes the dark brown wicker chair pop against the white built-in cupboards. 

Fall cushions cream

Look #2: The pink pillow looks pretty without being overly feminine. When paired with a chunky throw of mixed pink, red, orange and cream, it really says autumn.

Look #3: This is my 50 shades of grey look. The checkered cushion and striped throw add pattern and texture to the chair. Since grey is the new neutral, it’s a gender friendly look that would appeal to everyone.


Look #4: Black and white is always one of my favourites. It fits in any décor, no matter the style or color scheme, and always looks chic and timeless.

Fall cushions

Look #5: This yellow chenille pillow adds a touch of sunshine to the living room no matter what the weather is like outside. Used in a small dose, a pop of yellow instantly brightens up a space and your mood too. 

Yellow cushion

You don’t need a huge budget to transition your home from summer to fall or winter – cushions and throws will do the trick. By the way, if you don’t want to end up with a closet full of pillows like mine, invest in pillow covers instead. Buy different sizes of inner cushions with matching size cushion covers – it’ll take up less storage space and will create the same stylish impact.

Which look is your favorite?

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