Fall Decorating Outdoors on Vinyl Siding


Gathering outside for the holidays is a great way to get together with family and friends while also practicing social distancing. We want to make decorating outdoors easy for you. Whether you want to spruce up your front entryway or give your backyard a festive look, we have the solution.

hang holding decovinyl

DécoVinyl™ makes it easy for you to decorate your outdoor space for a special gathering, or just to enjoy everyday. Make your vinyl your canvas, and decorate your siding like you would inside your home.

decovinyl head styles

DécoVinyl comes in two different head shapes, allowing you to hang a variety of different décor. The hook head shape is great for wreaths and lights, and the button head is perfect for mailboxes and decorative signs. Each hook holds up to 15 pounds, so they are strong enough to hold almost any décor. The best part is that it won't damage your siding, and can be quickly removed and reused multiple times.

installing decovinyl

To install DécoVinyl:

  1. Insert and scoop DécoVinyl under the vinyl siding to hang
  2. Once installed, you can slide the hook to find the perfect spot
  3. Hang your décor

hanging wreath

Here we hung a wreath using the hook head DécoVinyl. This wreath came with a loop on the back making it super easy to hang. After it was hung we readjusted the wreath to make sure it was straight.

wreath hung on vinyl

To remove DécoVinyl lift upwards and unhook from the vinyl siding. That's it! 

removing decovinyl

Thank you for reading; check us out on social media and tell us how you are decorating for fall. If you want to see more DécoVinyl inspiration and tips on hanging different decor, click here



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