Extend your love of decorating to the outdoors with DécoBrick™


In a previous blog post we discussed DécoVinyl™ and some interesting ways to decorate your outdoor space. But what if I want to decorate my brick, you might ask? Well, we have the product for you!

It can be challenging to hang objects on a brick surface; DécoBrick™ is easy to install and will securely hold items up to 15 pounds. DécoBrick comes in both a hook and button head style, so it can be used to hang a variety of wall décor.

hand hanging DecoBrick

Installation is simple and quick. Hook the bottom edge of the hanger under the brick and stretch it to hook over the top of the brick. That’s it! This product can be used both inside and outside your home to hang the decorations that you love! Here are some examples of how we have used DécoBrick outside.

painting hanging on brick with white basket chair and plants

With the start of summer, you are probably spending a lot more time outside in your backyard. Why not take your decorations with you? Here we hung a painting to brighten up a corner of the patio. DécoBrick is removable and reusable, so you can temporarily move your décor outdoors for the summer months. 

Clock hanging on brick wall with a chair and plant

You have a lot of flexibility to change out your décor and enjoy creating different spaces, all without damaging your brick! Here we switched out the painting for a clock and added our striped chair.  

Snake plants with white pots hanging on brick

Create a beautiful space for entertaining or special occasions—quickly and easily. We got creative and decided to design a living plant wall with supplies we found around the house. We hope that now you'll look at your indoor décor with a new perspective. Although snake plants are traditionally indoor plants in colder climates, you can take them outside in the summer and give them some fresh air. To hang the pots, we wrapped some cotton string around each pot a few times and tied a loop at the end. 

pots hanging on brick with DecoBrick

Check us out on social media and send us photos of how you decorate outdoors! 

Remember to stay healthy, be kind and help where you can. Express your creativity and together, we’ll learn to adapt and co-create a better world.

-The UTR Team

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