Easy Holiday Decorating Ideas

Quick and easy Christmas decoration ideas

With Christmas drawing near, we want to help you get your house holiday ready. We know that you’re short on time, so here are three examples of great five-minute quick and easy-to-recreate decorating ideas:

All you need to do for this one is take a large glass bowl and fill it with colorful Christmas balls. The whole set-up takes a matter of minutes and kids can easily help as well.

Easy holiday decorating idea for your house.

Pop holiday cards into picture frames and display them on a table, mantle, or shelf with some well-placed Christmas balls or other ornaments to create a nicely curated vignette.

Pop holiday cards in picture frames to create a Christmas vignette

Add instant holiday flair to your table setting by placing an ornament on each plate. We chose simple red ball ornaments to add a bit of festive color to our green and white color scheme.

Display holiday ornaments on plates to create a festive look

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Do you have any quick holiday projects or tips that you’d like to share? We’d love to pass them on to our readers.

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