Drab to fab: powder room makeover

We gave a basic builder grade powder room some much needed love. It used to be dark and sad looking. We brought it to life with some bright floral wallpaper, a pretty light fixture and a glossy white ornate mirror. We did all of that with a minimal budget.

The room couldn’t have been any more basic. It had a standard pedestal sink, brass and nickel faucets, a bevelled oval mirror, and a one-bulb light fixture. There’ s no window and it’s located in a hallway. Our goal was to brighten it up and give it some glam without spending much money.

This big flower wallpaper is where we splurged the most. We’re glad we did because it completely transformed the space. The toilet and sink are no longer the focal points; they now blend in with the large blooms and they look even whiter than they did before. We papered all four walls, which works well for a small space where you don’t spend much time. The white of the paper is very white and keeps the space bright.

Powder room makeover

Next, I bought a large rectangular mirror that runs the entire width of the sink. Thanks to its large size, it reflects more light and makes us (ladies) happy because we can easily check out our overall look. I chose an ornate glossy frame. It adds texture to the space, and since it’s the focal point I wanted something glamorous-looking à la Marilyn Monroe. It came fitted with 2 D-rings, and I used our Déco Screws to safely secure it to the wall.

Powder room

Once the mirror was hung, I shopped for a light fixture that would project enough light into the space. The linen shade lamps diffuse the light to cast a nice soft glow in the room.

Powder room

Tip: when shopping for a powder room light fixture, pay attention to how it looks when you’re standing at the sink. You want to avoid looking directly at light bulbs.

Powder room

Since the toilet tank is also part of the focal point (sad but true), we had fun accessorizing it in different ways to keep it interesting.

In our first look, an antique looking vessel filled with large white and cream blooms adds a touch of vintage and country chic.

Powder room

We injected a fresh dose of spring with these 3 little bright beauties. They pop right out against the monochromatic color scheme. It feels very springy!

Powder room spring
Powder room
We added a bit of whimsy to the space by perching two ceramic owls on the tank. They blend in perfectly with the metallic patterned wallpaper.
Powder room
Powder room


Since the room is super tiny, keeping clutter to a minimum helps make it feel bigger. To avoid any visual noise, we kept accessories minimal, used a white soap dispenser that blends in with the sink and hung a white hand towel.

Powder room

It didn’t really take all that much to transform this tiny powder room from boring builder’s grade to boutique hotel chic. When you step into it now, you can’t help but say “wow” (or in my case – oh là là!).

What do you think of this budget-friendly makeover?

Liette Tousignant
Co-Founder of Under The Roof Decorating

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