Doree™ - Not Your Ordinary Doorstop

Here at UTR Decorating we design products that solve common problems in new ways. You wouldn’t think there was much more to be done with a doorstop. As it turns out, there are a lot of things that customers told us could be improved, so we set out to make a better doorstop - introducing Doree™

Why a circle?

After trying out a number of different shapes and forms, the circle turned out to be the clear winner for a number of reasons. Because there is no start or end to the shape, orienting the doorstop is simple.

Doree designs on paper

Combining a wedge shaped profile with the circular form gives the Doree it’s unique ability to roll along the edge of the door and install itself in the gap under the door. The symmetrical shape means that there is no ‘up’ or ‘down’- simply drop it on the floor by the edge of the door and roll it into place. 

And to top it off, the simple, geometric shape fits well with any décor style. When it’s not needed, it stores easily over almost any door handle. 

 foot sliding the Doree doorstop under the door

Why does it work better? 

Doree’s unique shape and profile allows it to be installed without bending over. Simply hold the door where you want it to stay and roll Doree along the bottom edge of the door until it installs itself into the gap. The area in contact with the door and the floor is spread out over a wide area for a better grip.

Doree is made from hypoallergenic TPE, a type of recyclable rubber that has a grippy surface to hold the door in place. If the doorstop starts to get dirty and loses its grip, a quick wash in hot, soapy water will bring it back good as new.

Doree working in two different door gaps

What about different door gaps?

The space between the bottom edge of your door and the floor can vary but our research has shown that the majority of gaps are less than 1 inch in height, so a single Doree will work perfectly in those situations. Got a bigger gap? Stack two Dorees together for gaps up to 2".

a pile of Doree's in different colors

Ideal for any interior

Doree comes in a rainbow of colors, so you can pick one that will match your décor, or simply go with the color that you love the best. Make it stand out or blend in - it’s up to you.

And, that’s why we say Doree is not your ordinary doorstop. Try it and let us know how you like our new twist on the standard doorstop.




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-The UTR Team

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