Don’t Put Up With Stubborn Picture Wire

Picture wire - Ribba frames

I love IKEA’s Ribba frames: they’re affordable, stylish and versatile. The one thing that does frustrate me about the Ribba frames though, is the stiff picture wire that comes with them. It’s so stiff that it makes it almost impossible to loop it through the metal clips and to twist it tightly around itself to secure it in place. Often you end up poking your fingers and the wire scratches the wall as you hang your piece.

Picture wire - Stiff IKEA wire

Instead of dealing with stubborn wire, buy good quality galvanized braided wire. It’s strong, easy to twist, finger-friendly, loops very easily around metal clips, and doesn’t look bulky even when using it on smaller lighter frames. I bought mine from an art framing shop, but it’s also available at most hardware stores and, of course, online.  If you need some tips to learn how to loop the wire around the metal clips, click here.

Picture wire - galvanized wire

I hope this tip helps to make the job easier next time you have a frame to hang!

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