Don’t let mistake holes scare you – hang stuff with no fear
The other day I was hanging some picture frames in a bathroom and despite all my careful calculations, my frames didn’t line up. I couldn’t believe it! What happened? If this has ever happened to you, you know how frustrating it feels. So, if you’re planning to hang anything in the near future, make sure to read this article to avoid repeating my mistake.

Plaid, DIY art, animals, cabin, bathroom, hang frames

My husband and I are renting a small apartment on a ski hill and although we’re renting I still want the apartment to look inviting. The biggest challenge when decorating the apartment was the bathroom. Because it’s a rental, we couldn’t change the vanity, faucets, light fixture or flooring so what do you do to spruce it up without tearing anything out? The solution? Art and pretty towels.

My plan was simple, to hang one frame above each towel rack (3 of them) to break up a long narrow wall.

How to hang each frame 

Plaid, DIY art, animals, cabin, bathroom, hang frames
I started with the middle towel rack. I centered my Place&Push frame with the rack and hung it approximately 5 inches above it – far enough to avoid damaging the frame every time I reach for a towel. This was easy peasy. I simply placed and pushed my  frame into the wall.  Things got a bit more complicated when I hung the 2nd and 3rd frames.
Plaid, DIY art, animals, cabin, bathroom, hang frames
Since it’s so easy to hang our new frames, eyeballing works really well when lining up a group of frames. The challenge was that the distance between each frame was quite long, which made it difficult to estimate the height. I ended up measuring – something I had not done in a very long time.
Plaid, DIY art, animals, cabin, bathroom, hang frames
  • I measured the distance from the ceiling to the top of the bear frame.
  • I used that measurement to mark the hanging spot for the deer, on the right.
  • With the mini level on top of the frame, I pushed the frame into the wall to hang it straight. Perfect!
Plaid, DIY art, animals, cabin, bathroom, hang frames

Plaid, DIY art, animals, cabin, bathroom, hang frames

Well not so perfect! When I stood back to assess, I saw that I was off by a bit. Arghhh!!!!!

OMG! What happened? Well, I discovered one teeny tiny detail – the ceiling is crooked so it messed up my measurement. I re-hung the frame right away – I just had to lower it by a bit to line it up with the bear. Fortunately, my mistake holes were hidden behind the frame.

Trust me, mistake holes happen. If they are visible, don’t panic they can easily be fixed. Read How to patch holes in drywall and you’ll be fearless next time you’re hanging something.

Plaid, DIY art, animals, cabin, bathroom, hang frames

Hanging the 3rd frame, the moose, was easy. I used the “ceiling to the bear frame” measurement, keeping in mind that I might have to lower my frame a bit. Just to be safe, I asked my husband to do an “above my head check” to make sure the moose was perfectly lined up with the bear – it was. I pushed the frame into the wall and I was done!

In retrospect, I could have used a 3 foot carpenter’s level, but I didn’t have one – not a tool you think of packing when heading to the ski hill for the weekend. Lol!

Plaid, DIY art, animals, cabin, bathroom, hang frames

Plaid, DIY art, animals, cabin, bathroom, hang frames
If you want to see more pictures about this post and read about the thought process for the artwork, the choice for the round oversized mirror, the accessories, the towels and the overall décor scheme go to how to Spruce up a tired bathroom with art. 

Plaid, DIY art, animals, cabin, bathroom, hang frames

I’m amazed by what we’ve been able to do to spruce up this small bathroom and apartment without spending much money. Use art to add personality to your space and to create or emphasize a theme in your home. I like to say that a room is not complete until there’s art on the walls – just like an outfit is not complete without jewelry.

Do you have any picture hanging tips or mistakes you’d like to share? Go ahead and share them in the comments box below so we can all learn from each other and become fearless decorators.

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