Decorate your walls to feel joyful

Home is a place where we can relax, find comfort and just be who we are. How we decorate our walls can impact our emotions and sense of wellbeing. If this isn’t something you’ve thought about, you are not alone. We want to help you hang what you love! Follow these tips to get in touch with your feelings and be inspired to hang wall décor that brings you joy.

You are the expert about what feels good

The way we decorate affects our emotions and the décor on our walls can play a big role in how we feel in a space. It’s really quite easy to figure out what can work for you by spending a little time in a room. Look at each wall and take note of how it makes you feel. Good? Bad? Indifferent? Why? By tuning inward you’ll get to know what moves you.

You are always right

The emotional connections and beauty you see in a picture or collection is something that only you can determine. No decorating expert or art professional can tell you how you feel about a piece. And, once you make a point of tuning into your emotions, and experience different reactions to décor, you’ll have the confidence to find items that inspire you.

Mixed media wall arrangements

Now that you have an idea of the kind of art that inspires you, it’s time to have a little fun - and maybe even expand your idea about what belongs on a wall. You can hang almost anything on a wall. It is easy to create a collection of different items you love into a single arrangement that tells a story. Follow these decorating tips and create a look that can wow. 

First, select a theme and choose items that help tell a cohesive story. Layout your display on the floor and try different arrangements until you find the look you like the best. Build out the collection from the center outwards with the aim of creating a balanced look as you add more items. Generally, it works best to keep the spacing between the items the same distance for a sense of harmony. Finally, consider the collection as one unit to determine where it should be positioned on the wall. 

If you want to make the whole decorating experience easy check out Hang & Level™ and CanvasHangers™; two products we’ve designed to find the right spot to hang your décor without measuring and mistake holes. Using either product, you can hang an entire gallery wall in minutes. Watch the Hang & Level and CanvasHangers YouTube playlists to learn more.

Creating balance and harmony

Whether you are hanging a single piece or a collection of items use these general decorating guidelines to create a balanced look. Anchor your frames with furniture like a sofa, bed or table. Choose a size or arrangement that fills at least two thirds of the length of the furniture. Center the art with the furniture and hang it close enough to the item so that it feels connected; 6 - 8 inches is a good place to start exploring what looks best. If you have a collection of pictures or décor, consider it as a single unit to decide on the location to hang it. 

What’s the right height?

Will the picture be viewed from a standing or seated position? If standing, then hang the center of the picture at eye level. Generally 60 - 66 inches from the floor to the center point works well for most people. If you’ll be viewing the image while seated, then have someone hold up the picture and look at it from where you are sitting to find a spot that is comfortable when looking upwards. 

Capture a point of view

Take a picture of the displays you are creating on the floor so you can easily compare different options. Hold the camera directly above the image and parallel to the floor to capture a viewpoint similar to seeing it on the wall. It’s also a great idea to take some before and after shots of the walls, too. Make a point of comparing how the new look makes you feel. The more you tap into your emotions the better you'll be at décor selection and decorating.

Decorating, simplified™

Many people are nervous about making holes in their walls to hang décor. We get it. That’s why we design innovative products that make decorating easy. Whether hanging a single picture, canvas art or an entire gallery we have a line of products that can simplify the whole process for you. Check out our website to learn more.

We love designing products to make decorating easy and help you create spaces that bring you joy. Click on the live chat below or email us at:, and we’ll do our best to help you Create the home you love™

-The UTR Team

At Under The Roof Decorating our mission is to design innovative products that help you Create the home you love™.

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