Decorate With Your Vacation Photos

You’re back from holidays, with dozens of great vacation snapshots. But what happens to those precious vacation images once you’re home? Many people never print and display them! Don’t be one of them. Photos of your vacation make great, inexpensive artwork for your walls.

Here are some vacation photo tips:

  • Shop for frames with a mat opening that best fits the pictures you want to showcase.
  • Consider white frames and mats for summer.  White looks crisp and classy all year round and fits any décor style.
  • Picking identical frames and mats lets the viewer focus on the pictures rather than the frames.
  • If you have kids, frame a picture of each child at the beach, playing in the water or building sand castles.
  • Don’t have kids? Frame pictures of your dog, friends, family, or a beach or city you visited.
  • Start a vacation wall and add to it every year. Group photos in a hallway or in a stairway.
  • The laundry room is another great place to hang your vacation photos. We often forget about this out-of-sight room when decorating walls.
  • If your pictures are from a vacation at the beach, the bathroom or powder room are perfect spots for them.
  • If you chose a picture of each child to frame, hang it in his/her bedroom. It provides a great memory for the child and an inexpensive way to decorate the bedroom walls.
  • Have fun and display your pictures in the mudroom. It’s a room that gets used every day, and vacation photos are a great way to welcome you home when you’re back to your routine.
  • Hang your frames perfectly level – horizontally, vertically, or create unexpected wall arrangements.
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