Déco Magnets: perfect for hanging light weight items

School just started and kiddos are already bringing masterpieces home. So if you have 2 or 3 young kids there’s not enough room on the fridge to display them all. Well, I’m thrilled to say that we have a solution for that, we just launched a brand new product called “Déco Magnets“. Think of them as virtual magnetic boards that you can stick anywhere you want without any worries of damaging your walls.

Deco Magnets

This is what they look like, they remind me of tiny magician hats. They come in black and in white. In the top image, I used a white Déco Magnet that blends nicely with the drawing. I chose black magnets to hold the art around the framed Pokemon because they tie in perfectly with the black picture frame. Image below. Depending on what you’re hanging and depending on the color, use black or white to achieve the look you want.

Deco Magnets

The best part about these little magnets is that they’re super easy to use. As seen in this video, you place a disc on the back and a magnet on the front of your piece, peel the backing off the discs, position your art on the wall and push to stick. It takes only seconds. It’s that simple! I really recommend you watch the 30 second video, I promise it’s easy.

With Déco Magnets, you’re no longer restricted to the fridge or to a large magnetic board to show off your kids’ work. They allow you to create displays anywhere you want around the house. Kids will want to stick them in all kinds of crazy places and they’ll work. Try them on headboards, bed railing, closet doors, mirrors, school lockers and more. Share your ideas.

Here, I used them in a kid’s room to create a picture gallery around a framed Pokemon. It was a snap to do and didn’t put any holes in the walls or in the paper.

Deco Magnets

You can trust these decorating magnets to hold anything light such as posters (like this beautiful Audrey Hepburn), photos, cards, kids’ art and much more. The adhesive disc works great on paint, wallpaper, drywall, plaster tile, wood and other surfaces.

Deco Magnets

For more information about this genius product, click on this link. If you’d like to buy some, that’s even better, we make that easy too – click here. Déco Magnets are brand new. Hurry! Be the first to get yours.

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