Creative Ways to Hang a Group of Pictures

There are different ways to hang a group of pictures; picking the right approach depends on the number of pieces, their sizes and how much wall space you want to fill.

A foolproof approach that works exceptionally well with pieces of different sizes and shapes like we have here is to create an imaginary large square or rectangle.

Getting Started:

1. Lay all the pieces right in front of the wall where you will display them.
2. Line up the outside borders of the square or rectangle with big pieces then fill the inside with the leftovers.
3. Imagine a vertical line running through the middle of your square or rectangle and see that items on either side of it are visually equal in weight. Balance colored items, light and dark pieces, different shapes etc… Move them around until you find the right combination.
4. Keep the center of your arrangement at about 60” to 66” from the floor, standard standing eye level.
5. Hang pieces 2” to 4” from each other.
6. Take a picture of your walls to verify if you have created a successful wall arrangement or not. Pictures don’t lie!

Click here to view a short How-To video showing you how to use Hang & Level™ to create a grouping of pictures quickly and easily!

At Under The Roof Decorating, our mission is to make picture hanging easy.  We design products such as Hang & Level and Déco Nails to help you hang pictures exactly where you want them without making extra holes in your walls.