Cover up scratches on frames with Sharpies

Whether you’re buying expensive or lower priced picture frames, it’s very frustrating to discover nicks or scratches on them. That’s when Sharpies come to the rescue.

Sharpie cover scratches

As part of my job I buy picture frames of all price ranges to test our products. It never fails, frames that looked pristine at the store are often not without a few dings. I’m not the first to use this trick but Sharpies are great to cover up small scratches. They come in a rainbow of colors to match most frames and are perfect for vibrant kids’ frames. If you’re buying Sharpies to have on hand, I use black, brown and red the most.

Sharpie to cover scratches

Here’s a perfect example of the type of scratch I often have to fix.  Using my black Sharpie, I lightly run it over the scratch. Of course it won’t magically get rid of dents, but it will make them significantly less noticeable. 

Sharpie cover scratches

Here’s the frame with a little Sharpie magic. The scratch is gone.

Sharpie fixes scratches

Another bonus is that the permanent ink dries quickly so you don’t end up wearing it on your clothes or skin when hanging up your “touched up” frames.

Sharpie for scratches

This is my own little stash of Sharpies. In addition to being functional, I use them as a bright accessory on my desk. They add a nice pop of color – and they’re much healthier than keeping a bowl of candies at arm’s reach!

Fixing dents in Frames

Do you know any other magical tricks to cover up dings on frames? Do tell!

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