CenterFinder Featured in the Charlotte Observer

CenterFinder measuring center

We were thrilled to see the headline “Pretty cool: Tape Measure Shows You the Center Point” in the Charlotte Observer on February 6. This short article tells readers about our handy CenterFinder measuring tape, which eliminates the need to do math on the fly when you’re trying to find the middle between two points.

The article reads: “The inch measure at the top corresponds with the half point at the bottom of the tape. This may not be an issue for the handy among us, but if you struggle to get the math right in even the simplest home projects, this may be for you.”

Thanks to the Charlotte Observer for introducing our CenterFinder to the folks in North and South Carolina. We’re so glad you like it. It’s a simple product, yet so useful when doing any type of home improvement project. The tool speeds things up and eliminates the need for a calculator. You can read the review here

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