Can’t find a shower curtain you like? Make one!

This is a super tiny bathroom with a tub/shower combo as the focal point, so finding a good looking shower curtain to enhance the “view” from the hallway was definitely a priority. Little did I know how challenging this task was going to be. Here’s what I did.

The challenge with this guest bathroom is the busy “vein” patterns of the tiles – it really overwhelms the space. With that said, I was convinced a solid color or a small pattern curtain would help tone down the busy-ness of the tiles.

Well, there was no shortage of shower curtains at the stores featuring mermaids, seashells, flamingos, pineapples, palm leaves and other cutesy prints, but I was looking for a more “grown up” style. Since I couldn’t find anything I liked in the bathroom department, I popped over in the curtain department. Bingo! As soon as I spotted this black curtain I knew it was the right one. I bought it. I also bought a plastic liner to transform it into a legitimate shower curtain. Genius!

To see more pictures of this petite bathroom, click on How this tiny bathroom came to life. You’ll see the pretty towels we picked and art we made to add maturity to the space while keeping the look youthful.

What do you think of the black shower curtain in the all-white bathroom? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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