Be My Valentine: a Quick & Easy Way to Decorate for Valentine’s Day

Here’s a quick and easy wall décor project you can do just in time for Valentine’s Day. All the materials you need are available at your local grocery or art supply store. It can be completed and ready to hang within a few minutes. Have fun!

What you’ll need:

  • heart-shaped / Valentine’s candies
  • shadowbox type picture frame
  • glue / a glue gun
  • white card stock or foamcore

Step 1: Take apart the frame and install the glass at the front of the frame. Add the shadowbox liner into the frame.

Step 2: Using the backing as a template, cut a piece of card stock or foamcore of the same size. Make a grid or other creative design on your card stock and glue the hearts. Play with colours and love notes printed on the hearts to decorate your piece.

Step 3: Carefully place the decorated card stock into the frame, add the backing making sure the picture wire faces up so your frame sits correctly on the wall. Press the metal tabs down to secure your artwork.

Step 4: Place the frame on your Hang & Level and find the perfect spot on the wall to display your masterpiece. Hang and level your frame using the tool. View our step-by-step “How to” videos via the link below for more picture hanging tips. Use the same basic technique with other Valentine’s Day candy to create different displays.

Happy Valentine’s Day!.

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