Back to School: Hang Stuff Without Damaging Your Walls


Can you believe we spend a third of our lives working, if not more? 

We see that as an opportunity to revamp your workspace to keep you inspired and productive! Whether you’re in a dorm or apartment, or just set on not wanting to add holes in your walls - we hear you. See how we refresh our workspace without causing any damage to our precious walls! 

The solution: DécoMagnets

Even some of the most popular sticky tacks and putties leave unwanted sticky residue behind. DécoMagnets get rid of that problem, not to mention they never leave behind any holes.   

Imagine going from this (left) that (right) in a matter of minutes. And without putting holes in your walls!

Hang Stuff Without Damaging Your Walls

Using DécoMagnets is easy

  1. Place a metal disc on the back of your poster and a magnet on the front.

  2. Peel the clear backing off the disc.

  3. Position your art on the wall and push to stick.

Hang Stuff Without Damaging Your Walls

Hang Stuff Without Damaging Your Walls

Or watch this short video below on how to use these magnets:  

Removing DécoMagnets from the wall

The removal process is just as easy. DécoMagnets come with a guitar-pick-like tool, where you leverage the tapered end of the disc against the wall to remove the disc. This beats leaving behind any holes in your walls, especially if you’re renting your space, living in a dorm, or just hate holes period.

Bonus: save your fingernails from getting ruined!

Hang Stuff Without Damaging Your Walls

Desk styling

Hang Stuff Without Damaging Your Walls

  • Plants make all the difference in work/study spaces. They liven up the area and make us feel inspired. If you can get your hands on a real plant, even better! Either real or faux, plants do wonders for keeping spaces fresh.
  • Hang a few inspirational quotes to get you through the tough times. Reminding yourself you’re a #girlboss might just be the very thing you need to hear.
  • Add task lighting. Of course you’ll need the proper lighting to get your work done. Lucky for us, you can find cute lamps almost anywhere now. Don’t need to sacrifice style for function!
  • Add a mug or water bottle. Coffee is a must. It doesn’t hurt either, to stay hydrated with water.
    • Apples - they add a touch more color to the space and reminds us to eat healthy, while we’re chipping away at our work.

    Hang Stuff Without Damaging Your Walls

    Shelf styling

    • The goal is to find a balance between the greenery and the books, without making it cluttered. Play around with the amount of books and where to put them. 
    • When in doubt, less is always more. Besides, we don’t want to detract from the airy desk below.
    • We faced the pages of our books outwards for a more neutral color scheme. Notice how we also have our books stacked horizontally and vertically? This adds a bit more dimension to the shelves.

    Whether it’s posters, photos, or prints, you can hang them all with DécoMagnets. They come in black or white, which are great for blending in or contrasting your décor. Best of all, you can swap out your décor whenever you want, without worrying about any wall damage.

    If you’ve been sitting on a collection of photos you want to hang, buy a bundle of DécoMagnets and save. Back to school is just around the corner, so get inspired. Refresh your workspace, so you can always do your best work! Shop our online store.

    Show us what your study space or home office looks like in the comments below. Thanks for hanging around!

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