Art in a clothing store?

On a recent shopping trip to Banana Republic, I was completely smitten by their colorful spring collection and by the stylishly decorated store. A lot of effort goes into customizing the look and feel for a store brand to inspire shoppers to spend time, and of course money.

Everything from mannequins to visual elements such as wall arrangements and display shelves is carefully planned. Retailers’ visual merchandisers come up with a specific look for their stores and replicate it at all locations for consistent brand presentation. While shopping for fashion, I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the well-appointed store to share with you.

Gallery wall

This gallery wall is what attracted me to go into the store. I like how the wall arrangement goes all the way to the ceiling, emphasizing its height. The mix of black and white frames creates a neutral backdrop for colorful abstract images, the focal point.

Gallery wall

Gallery wall

It’s all about attention to detail. The mini yellow envelope card case (mini wallet) ties in nicely with the yellow art piece above, and adds a bright pop of colour to the display.  Art resting on the shelf with art hanging on the wall is different and stylish. I love how the small bags are displayed on their sides. All the white space around them make them even more noticeable even though they’re very small.

Wall display

Throughout the store, art is used as a strategy to help enhance a specific trend color like this blue in this watercolor floral shirt. By the way, according to fashion trend experts expect to see lots of blue this Spring, apparently one of this season’s most popular color.

Wall art

Notice anything different about the way the books are displayed? Not by color or by showing their spines – they’re displayed with their spines turned in to create a monochromatic display. By showing the white pages, you don’t have to worry about colors clashing with your décor or people judging your reading material. This trend has been around for a few years but I’m not sure it has garnered much attention. You either love it or hate it. 

Wall shelf display

This grouping of simple white frames, mats and neutral images creates a calm, clean and modern vignette. The grey ceramic vases and faux ferns add texture to the all-white display creating a natural organic feel.

White frame display

I personally find that when retailers incorporate art into their displays, it creates a friendlier shopping experience.

P.S. Thanks to Isabelle at the Calgary location for talking with me about the use of art at their store. 

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