Anchor Points Feedback

We love hearing from people who use our products, so we wanted to share a comment we received on our Facebook page regarding our Anchor Points.

Brechin writes…..

“So you know how you go through life, and certain niggly things bother you but you live with them but you grumble daily about the joy-sucking of that “thing?” My hubby adjusted and straightened our family photo gallery wall daily because our daughters like to slam their bedroom doors, making the pictures crooked. He is the happiest guy today commenting that for the first time in five years, he hasn’t had to adjust the pictures when he walks past. Hallelujah Anchor Points. A thing of beauty!”

Thanks for sharing, Brechin! Sometimes the simplest things in life make all the difference. If you have problems keeping frames straight in your house and want the perfect solution, try Anchor points.

They’re easy to use and will keep your frames straight even when you’re dusting. Or when kids or teenagers are slamming doors!

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