An Art Shopping Primer

Buying artwork for your home can be a little bit intimidating, especially if you don’t know the basics. However, if you are armed with some general knowledge, finding the perfect piece for your home can be an exciting and rewarding adventure!

Avoid disappointment and frustrations; sometimes that piece that looked so perfect in the store, just does not work with the rest of your home décor. Ask about the store return policy before you buy, just in case that 7 foot giraffe painting doesn’t go well with your floral decor when you get it home.

If you are interested in buying an expensive piece of art from an art gallery and you are nervous about it not working with your décor, ask if you can take it home for a day or two. Not every gallery owner will let you, but it’s worth asking.

If for different reasons the gallery owner can’t let you take a piece that you are interested in home, get the dimensions of the artwork. Once home cut a cardboard piece to match the artwork’s dimensions and place it on your wall. It will help you determine if the size is right. As for deciding if the colors are right for your décor, ask if there is a picture of the piece available on the gallery website if not, ask to take a picture for a visual reference. Many galleries will be happy to accommodate you if it will help you make your decision. 

Insider tip: Ladies, carry a small light weight measuring tape (max. 10ft) in your purse – it’s always handy for measuring furniture or artwork when out shopping for the “house”.

Carrying Art Tip!
When carrying artwork don’t hold on to it by the top of the frame as you risk bending the frame. It is best to carry a painting or a picture frame by its sides (if it’s not too wide) OR by placing a hand at the top and at the bottom of the frame. If a piece is wired with a metal picture wire, never carry it by its wire, it’s dangerous and unsafe as the wire might unravel.

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